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Hi, I'm Brian, and I'm an Inventor Coach who enjoys helping other inventors successfully navigate the invention industry. It's great to meet you!

"The 5 Step System I Used
 To Make Money With My Ideas
...without having to wonder where to start, who to trust and what to do next - ever again!"
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Brian Fried

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FREE Webclass
This Week With

Brian Fried

Limited Seats Available

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In This Exclusive Free Training Class, I will Go Behind The Scenes of My Inventing Business To Show You Exactly How I've Successfully Grown It...
You will also learn...
The Insider Secret Strategies That Top Inventors Use to Patent, Create and Market Their Ideas
The #1 Ugly Truth About The Inventing Industry That No One Really Talks About...
How I Position My Inventions For Maximum Profitability and Scalability (without losing sleep)
Still On The Fence?
then don't just take my word for it...
This training is a wonderful idea for any new inventor / entrepreneur to get comfortable with the process and approach of bringing an idea to life!

- Marina N.
If you wish to save wasted time, money and going through a painful process, Brian's teaching is the way to go. Stay away from the 800 companies and go with someone you can trust.

- John D.
This training has given me a clearer perspective of the processes involved in bringing a product to market as well as direction on where to invest my time and money in the right places.

- Karl N.
Brian is a brilliant young man who speaks from experience in the very complex field of inventing. Getting the "light bulb" moment is the easy part. "Making it happen" can be daunting without his guidance.

- Jeromy D.
Brian is the real deal. Talks from actually having done all that he speaks about. Save yourself a lot of time and money, watch the training.

- Tony P.
After training with Brian, I'm on my A-Game now! Having an experienced coach who is extremely hands-on allows me to bring all his experience, knowledge, skills, and know-how into my dealings (contracts, manufacturing, logistics, etc.).

- Shawn T.
I am on a better path with a clearer mind now that I have finally found someone with the experience and know how and a whole professional infrastructure for bringing products to market. 

Without exaggeration I have been searching for decades for a company or person that I can trust and have the experience and know how to get product/s to market and Brian Fried has proven to me, which isn't easy, to be that individual.

- Michael P.
Is This For Me...?
Let Me Ask You A Question:
What Type of an Inventor Are You?
Have an idea but I need to see if it's worth pursuing
I always come up with ideas but don't know what to do with them
I would rather earn royalty payments for my idea then start manufacturing
I have a great idea but don't know who to trust
Don't know what to expect when I come up with an idea or how much it's going to cost me
I want to be the next millionaire inventor
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